Privado principal

Private tour

By booking our private tour you will have a guide at your disposal to explore Córdoba with your partner, your …

 Duration: 2 hours.

Since 85 €

Guides from cordobapie

Best of Cordoba walking tour with tickets

Guided Tour of the Jewish Quarter, Alcázar and Mosque.

 Duration: 3.9 hours.

Since 40 €

Mezquita de córdoba

Mosque-cathedral from Cordoba

Guided visit to the impressive Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. Visit the Mosque of Cordoba with the help of our expert guides, …

 Duration: 1.2 hours.

Since 23 €


Monumental free tour

Our Monumental Free Tour is an excellent choice to discover this UNESCO Heritage City, former capital of Muslim Spain, al-Andalus.

 Duration: 2 hours.


Medina azahara during the day

Medina Azahara guided tour

The Bright City has been a World Heritage Site since 2018, its history beginning with the appointment of Abderraman III …

 Duration: 3 hours.

Since 10 €

Mezquita principal

Mosque-cathedral and jewish quarter guided tour

Guided tour inside the Mosque of Cordoba and a pleasant walk along the Jewish Quarter.

 Duration: 3.5 hours.

Since 16 €

Patio principal

Patios of Cordoba walking tour

Visit with our Expert Guides for the PATIOS OF CÓRDOBA. A spectacle of colors and smells that transform these PATIOS …

 Duration: 2 hours.

Since 15 €

Alcazar principal

Alcazar guided tour with tickets

Enjoy with an official guide one of the most significant monuments in Cordoba: The Alcazar of the Christian Kings

 Duration: 1 hours.

Since 17 €

Córdoba at night

Cordoba small group evening walking tour

The streets of Las Flores and El Pañuelo will transport you to the white villages of Andalusia, and the illuminated …

 Duration: 2 hours.

Since 18 €

Alcaza principal

Jewish quartier and Alcazar guided tour

Guided tour of the Jewish quarter, in which the three cultures of Córdoba are explored. The tour begins with the …

 Duration: 1.5 hours.

Since 22 €


Tapas tour in Cordoba

Food is a perfect way to get closer to the culture of the city, since on this route we will …

 Duration: 2 hours.

Since 50 €

Judería principal

Jewish quarter walking tour

We will talk about such famous characters as Maimonides, a 12th-century Cordoba genius, and visit the Synagogue and the craft …

 Duration: 0.8 hours.

Since 12 €